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PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst recently spoke to various media about the future of PlayStation’s game exclusivity strategy.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Julien Chièze, Hermen Hulst talked about PS to PC cross-platform play, Hulst said: “It was very helpful for the group to see their wonderful work on PC, because there are more players, I think. that in the future we will have at least a year of distance between the PS and PC platforms, with the exception of online service games.

Hulst went on to say that these two games (referring to standalone games and online games) are not the same in nature. For online games, you want to have a strong community of players as soon as you go online, so if it’s an instant service game, we could make it available on PS and PC at the same time.

Earlier this year, SIE CEO Jim Ryan said there are currently more than a dozen games in development at PlayStation Studios. Could include many of these “online games”, such as Bungie’s new work codenamed “Matter”, Naughty Dog is also developing a multiplayer game of “The Last of Us” and the alleged “Horizon” series.

Sony said it expects PC and mobile games to account for nearly half of PlayStation’s overall game distribution by 2025.

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