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The PS Plus service not only allows its subscribers to play online, but also guarantees them a few successful free games. At a price of about 100 K per msc, this is an attractive offer, which according to the latest surveys is used by 87% of PlayStation 5 owners.

The current announcement of the offer is extremely strong, in addition to the great darkness of the Remnant: From the Ashes action, the logical rbusm Maquette and sprays for virtual reality Far Point they can play first on the remake of the cult Japanese RPG Final Fantasy VII. The fact that he was one of to be nominovanch at the main gaming Oscar at the Game Awards competition last year. Bohuel is hek this time.

The game that you get with the PS Plus subscription cannot be pasted for free on next-gen verzi, which PS5 owners can play in 60 FPS or 4K resolution and can’t even install the upcoming Intergrade add-on. If you don’t want to drink these bonuses, you have to buy the game classically for about 1500 K. If these small improvements are worth the price, you have to decide for yourself, look at the differences in this comparison video.



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