PS blocks CD&V proposal: “Limiting unemployment benefits over time is totally ineffective”

The Belgian employment rate currently fluctuates around 71.4%. Yet there are big differences between regions. The employment rate in Flanders is 76.3%, in Brussels and Wallonia it is 64.8 and 65%. It is therefore very clear to CD&V president Sammy Mahdi what needs to be done, the states themselves need to take control of unemployment benefits.

“I am in favor of the regionalization of benefits. For example, my Flemish Minister for Labour, Economy and Innovation Jo Brouns (CD&V) has what it takes to bring employment in Flanders to 80 per cent” . This regionalization should also bring relief to other federal states. “I’m not here to play community games. But in Brussels young people have grown up in unemployment. It takes a stick to activate those people.”

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