Przemys³aw Frankowski overwhelmed Messi. Pole makes a sensation in France Football

Still at the beginning of 2021Half-seasons of the year, so the RMC has prepared its one-ten best

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“rel =” dofollow “> Przemysław Frankowski announced that his stay at MLS i game for Chicago Fire will come to an end at some point. Contrary to appearances, playing in the United States was not a “football retirement” for him, but a real window that allowed him to show himself to European clubs.

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A great six-month Frankowski year in France

Eventually, Frankowski moved to RC Lens and as it turned out, it was a bull’s eye. Since the beginning of this season, the 26-year-old has distinguished himself as one of the best players on his team. A great game meant that the Pole was included in the list of the best players in a given round several times.

So far the 26-year-old has played 19 matches per level League 1in which he scored four goals and recorded four assists. In the Canadian classification of his team, only Jonathan Clauss can boast of better statistics, who scored two goals and recorded as many as seven key passes to his partners.

Przemysław Frankowski awarded by the media

Przemysław Frankowski’s good form did not go unnoticed by the French media. Radio RMC Sport has placed the 26-year-old among the eleven best summer transfers to League 1. The most interesting thing about this statement is that it was not there Leo Messiwho moved to FC Barcelona with PSG. However, the Argentine cannot find himself in Paris. It fails especially in French league matches. So far, in eleven games in these competitions, he has scored just one goal and had five assists. He has scored five times in the Champions League in five matches.

Lewandowski lost much of its value.  And Kozłowski?  Wow!Lewandowski lost much of its value. And Kozłowski? Wow!

After 19 games played, the RC Lens team, with 27 points, is ninth in the table. However, the loss to the fifth Montpellier and the fourth Rennes is not big, however, and amounts to only four “meshes”.

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