Prymula: People will have to choose an application or quarantine. The opposition is furious


“People should decide at some stage whether they want to have some quarantine measures or close something, on the other hand, have a normal, normal life with only a certain distance restriction and this application.” So in these words Prymula lifted a line of people from their chairs.

“It almost looks like a threat. It is clear that part of the population will not buy smartphones and it is not possible to threaten it as an obligation,” said ODS deputy Martin Kupka. “Mr. Prymula likes to scare,” added former STAN chairman Petr Gazdík.

“I do not know at all in what role Mr. Prymula works, from what position he gives such a statement,” asked the chairman of the Pirates Ivan Bartoš. “This accusation of people that it will cause some measures is again just scaring,” criticized the head of TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

“We are not in a position to order this,” thinks CSSD MP Alena Gajdůšková. “He is simply a realist. I think that our citizens are convinced that he is really knowledgeable,” the communist Hana Aulická Jírovcová disagrees with the allegations.

Politicians generally agree that the withdrawal of eRouška should remain voluntary, but the state should invest in its promotion. “The state fell asleep a little with an explanation of what all this could bring, that it could protect us from the second wave,” believes KDU-ČSL deputy Vít Kaňkovský.

“I think that people should especially inform themselves and be actively informed by the government, rather than being scared in the media either or,” Bartoš added.

“Many citizens are afraid that they will be monitored and therefore they are afraid to use the application,” said SPD Chairman Tomio Okamura.

According to politicians, education could work through the media, billboards or by sending information SMS. But mayors and independents would use mainly municipalities and cities. “Mayors must know, they must inform their citizens on the site, on the municipal radio,” Gazdík calculated.

Most citizens do not know much about the application that the Ministry of Health relies on. This also follows from our survey in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice or Ústí nad Labem:

The ministry wants to start a campaign promoting eRouška for several million crowns in the autumn. “The new eRouška should work from September 1. It will be fully functional on all phones and will be compatible with foreign applications,” promises Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES), who was also a guest of Televizní noviny:

The eRouška application was supposed to become a smart addition when tracing infected people, but in three months only about 220,000 people downloaded it. Epidemiologists say that this is not enough, and that it would have to be 30 times more effective to be effective. More about the application in Filip Pultar’s report:

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