Průša reportedly introduced the fastest desktop SLA 3D printer in the world

Czech society Prusa Research introduced a new 3D printer. The Prusa SL1S SPEED model is an innovated original SL1 machine built on SLA technology. The novelty will be available in models for 64 990 (in package with washing and curing station CW1S) a 49 990 crown. Orders will begin shipping at the turn of June and July this year.

“We have improved practically all its main parameters on the SL1. The new 5.96-inch (15 cm) LCD display has a 25% larger printing platform. Its upper side has a new roof shape. The print volume is now 127 × 80 × 150 mm, SL1S can cure one layer in 1.4 seconds (low layer height, transparent resin). It achieves speeds of up to 80 mm / h, with a 0.1 mm layer and the use of transparent resin, which users will especially appreciate in the process of rapid prototyping, ” informs Průša on the blog.

“Standard 405nm tough resins cure in 1.6-2.5 seconds, the exact time depends on the print size, layer height and specific manufacturer. More advanced materials that would otherwise need 20 seconds or more per coat can now be cured in 3-4 seconds, so it’s really a class difference. Be careful, the SLA speed of a 3D printer is not just about curing itself – the movement system also plays a big role. That’s why we’ve accelerated the tilt mechanism and the platform movement itself almost threefold. We also changed the design of the tray, the performance of the UV LED panel is now stronger, we have improved the firmware… in short, we took it from the floor. With draft print quality, you can now print a 150 mm high object in two hours. ”


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