Proximus employees are entitled to go offline outside working hours | Economy

The employees of the telecom company Proximus are given the right to go offline outside their working hours. The “right to disconnect” is included in a new collective labor agreement (CLA) signed yesterday by the management and the three unions, Proximus was informed.

The right to be unreachable outside of hours is linked to greater flexibility in working from home. The ability to work from home will be expanded to three days a week and more functions will be eligible as well.

The collective labor agreement also pays a lot of attention to training, with extra training days, a more extensive series of training programs and training for people over 50 to keep up to date digitally.

The new collective labor agreement is “the result of constructive cooperation and dialogue” with the aim of “achieving a more sustainable and more innovative working method”, according to Proximus. the transformation plan announced at the beginning of 2019, leaving some 1,300 employees.

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