“Provocation? No, crap” – Libero Quotidiano

In the square in Milan yesterday, Saturday 27 June, walked the Pride, the LGBT demonstration that fell a little in all the cities of Italy in the days when the debate on the highly contested ddl Zan against homotransphobia. As is well known, the Vatican’s intervention against the text, with the request sent to the government to curb the law, has raised a fuss and a lot of controversy, obviously political.

And so, in the squares of Italy, in Rome as in Milan, the Church ended up in our sights. Already, blasphemous representations of Jesus Christ rained down in the processions. In Rome, a kind of Rainbow Jesus he paraded right at the top of the parade, in short, he opened it. And against the subject the harsh words of Giorgia Meloni: “I read that the Roma Pride procession is opened by a boy disguised as Christ Lgbt, with colored stigmata and rainbow flag. As much as you ask me, I cannot find an answer to this question: what need is there to disrespect millions of faithful to support their theses? “, The leader of FdI beat hard.

And a few minutes ago, on the afternoon of Sunday 27 June, he thinks about adding to the dose Matteo Salvini. In the crosshairs of the League, however, an episode that took place at Pride in Milan, where a protester himself is likewise “disguised” as Jesus. complete with a miniskirt and stilettos, all while brandishing a crucifix with the movement’s slogans imprinted on it. Image that unleashed Salvini. Relaunching it on Twitter, the leader of the League commented: “In my opinion, portray Jesus Christ with miniskirt and stilettos it is not a nice provocation, it is crap, an offense and an unpleasant lack of respect. “Words that do not need particular interpretations.

Click here to see Matteo Salvini’s tweet



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