Provincial council votes Lode Vereeck away as new driver U …

In the Limburg provincial council, all parties, except for Vlaams Belang, voted out the nomination of Lode Vereeck as director of UHasselt. Vlaams Belang speaks of a ‘character murder’.

Hasselt University will get six new directors, who are appointed on the basis of the results of the provincial elections. For example, CD&V may appoint two directors, while N-VA, SP.A, Open VLD and Vlaams Belang may each put forward one name. The majority parties CD&V, N-VA and Open VLD as well as the opposition parties SP.A and Groen have voted down Vereeck’s nomination.

The fact that Vlaams Belang nominated Vereeck was striking. Last year he was fired as economics professor by Hasselt University for inappropriate behavior towards some students, although the Limburg public prosecutor’s office had dropped the case due to lack of evidence – the case is now with the Council of State, which must judge whether the decision of Hasselt University is correct. used to be. Moreover, Vereeck was previously a member of parliament for LDD and Open VLD.

‘The self-proclaimed democratic parties are rattling with the democratic rules of the game’, says Flemish MP Chris Janssens (Vlaams Belang). Each party has the right to independently nominate the candidate of its choice. The approval by the provincial council has been only a formality for years. The fact that the nomination of a capable candidate is now sabotaged is a character murder under pressure from Hasselt University. ‘

According to Vlaams Belang, the traditional parties are guilty of favoritism when it comes to sending candidates. Nepotism is beyond ability. The other parties nominate old political crocodiles or party members with executive mandates, without any expertise in the matter. No candidate has the knowledge, skills and university experience of a man like Lode Vereeck ‘, says Janssens.

Vlaams Belang will consider what steps it will take to fill in the mandate in the UHasselt board of directors. ‘This sabotage will certainly have a tail end. The character murder of a man with many talents is totally unacceptable and does considerable damage to the image of the Limburg political and academic world ‘, Janssens concludes.


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