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The Province of Limburg is urging the cabinet to change the vaccination strategy. The reason is the outcome of the GGD survey among ten thousand Limburgers, the results of which were announced today.

The research shows that in November about 20% of Limburgers had anti-corona antibodies in their blood.

The GGD estimates that that percentage has now increased to 25%. That means that one in four Limburgers is already immune. “These are important data, which we did not yet have on such a large scale,” says Deputy Robert Housmans on behalf of the Province.

Most vulnerable take precedence
He calls on the cabinet not to vaccinate people who have already had corona. “Vaccines are still scarce, so give priority to the most vulnerable now, because the most important thing is that care is relieved and society can open again”, is the plea of ​​Housmans.

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The GGD can follow Housmans’ view, but is sticking to the advice of the health council. “The strategy now is that people who already have anti-substances, for the time being only get one shot,” says Christian Hoebe on behalf of the GGD Zuid-Limburg.

Border traffic
When presenting the results, Hoebe also questioned the restrictive measures that Germany has imposed on the Dutch this week.

Because the number of infections in our country exceeded a certain value, the Netherlands has been designated a high-risk area. Dutch people who cross the border must therefore show a negative corona test. If they don’t have one, they risk a fine of 150 euros.

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No influence
Last year it was precisely the Belgians who pursued a strict border policy and in some places the border crossing was even physically closed.

“Our research shows that border traffic has no influence on the spread of the virus, so as far as the GGD is concerned, it is not a problem to refuel, shop or visit across the border, provided of course the measures are followed,” says Hoebe about that.

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