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This is the largest aid package the US has given Ukraine since the start of the war.

It includes, among other things, several missiles that can help the Ukrainian soldiers to attack Russian forces behind the front lines. That is what the news agency AFP writes.

– This package provides a significant amount of additional ammunition, weapons and equipment – which the Ukrainian people use so effectively to defend their country, writes the Ministry of Defense in a press release.

Ammunition and medical equipment

Among other things, the USA provides more ammunition for HIMARS, which is a mobile missile system. Ukraine is said to have used this weapon to put the Antonivskyj bridge out of action.

The bridge crosses the Dnipro River in Kherson, and was used by Russian forces to send supplies from Crimea to Kherson. Now the bridge is, however not safe to use.

Ukraine is also getting 1,000 new anti-tank missiles of the Javelin type, which is an American weapon that can destroy armored vehicles.

Estonian soldiers practice with the Javelin, which consists of a tube with the missile itself and a control part. After use, the empty missile tube is thrown away, and a new tube can be loaded.

Photo: US DoD

In addition, Ukraine gets:

  • 75,000 rounds of 155 mm artillery ammunition
  • Ammunition for Norwegian-produced anti-aircraft missiles of the Nasams type
  • Several hundred rockets of the AT4 type
  • 50 armored vehicles for medical treatment
  • C-4 explosive, demolition equipment and ammunition
  • Medical equipment such as first aid equipment, bandages and monitors

– Almost empty of ammunition

Since the start of the war, the US has supported Ukraine with equipment worth 9.8 billion dollars. This corresponds to NOK 95 billion.

In June, the Ukrainian defense reported that they were almost out of ammunition, and that they are completely dependent on what they get from the West to prevent Russian advances.

American forces transport weapons and defense material to Ukraine.

American forces are transporting weapons and defense material to Ukraine at the end of April.


Experts have pointed out that Ukraine does not have any large production of ammunition itself, and that there is more important than ever that countries continue to donate weapons and ammunition.

The World Bank provides 4.5 billion dollars

The World Bank also announced an economic aid package for Ukraine today. It is worth 4.5 billion dollars, equivalent to 44 billion kroner.

The support will help finance pension payments and public services, according to the bank.

– Ukraine still needs public services, including health, education and social support to prevent further deterioration of living conditions and poverty, says President of the World Bank, David Malpass.

Asks for nuclear power plants to be demilitarized

Before the weekend, there were reports of an attack on the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya, south-east Ukraine, which Russia controls.

Both sides blame each other for carrying out attacks on the power plant. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also said that they are extremely concerned about the shooting.

Petro Kotin is head of Ukraine’s nuclear power authority. He claims that Russia uses the city as a military base and that they fire rockets from the power plant.

– They use it as a shield against Ukrainian forces, because nobody from Ukraine is going to do anything, says Kotin BBC.

A Russian soldier stands outside the nuclear power plant.

A Russian soldier stands outside the nuclear power plant on August 4.


Now Kotin warns of the risk of a Chernobyl-like accident, and asks that the power plant be demilitarized. according to Reuters he asks for peacekeeping forces to gain control of the power plant.

Fear of accidents

According to Kotin, the area is being monitored by 500 Russian soldiers with around 50 military vehicles.

– If a container of spent nuclear fuel breaks, it will cause an accident that affects the facility and the surrounding area. If two or three containers break, the consequences will be much greater, he says.

– It is impossible to assess the extent of such a disaster.

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