Provided 665 Community Centers services within the framework of the Campaign Against Breast Cancer

Mammograms and breast ultrasounds were performed

Within the framework of the Campaign Against Breast Cancer, the General Directorate of Community Centers carried out 665 services including mammograms, x-rays and breast ultrasounds, from October to today.

The head of the agency, René Carrasco Gómez, reported that 213 mammograms, 134 breast ultrasounds and 318 X-rays were performed.

She said that the purpose is to provide women in the community with an effective and early diagnosis, in order to maintain the prevention of this disease.
Carrasco Gómez explained that mammograms and X-rays are carried out at the Palo Chino Community Center and breast ultrasounds at the community Refugio Sánchez (Km 27) and Olivia Espinoza.

He stressed that this service will resume from January 5, 2021 for free, from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon.

People interested in receiving this service must maintain preventive measures against COVID-19.


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