Proven Dangerous, Meta Remove Facebook Face Scanning Technology


Meta Platforms Inc. removed the face scanning system as well as Facebook’s faceprints feature. PHOTO/ IST

MENLO PARK Meta Platforms Inc. remove the facial scanner system as well as the proprietary faceprints feature Facebook. The removal of Facebook’s facial scanner comes amid suspicions of technology for data theft.

More than a third of daily active users Facebook , about 640 million people, have chosen to have their faces recognized by social networking systems.

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Facebook introduced facial recognition more than a decade ago, but has gradually made it easier for users to opt out of the feature.

“This change will be one of the biggest changes in the use of facial recognition in the history of technology,” said Jerome Pesenti, vice president of artificial intelligence for Facebook’s new parent company, Meta.

In the latest settings introduced by Facebook, users can choose whether to block access to certain features such as the facial recognition system.

Meta seeming to be looking for new ways to identify people, concerns about the technology are also growing as awareness grows about the Chinese government’s extensive video surveillance system, especially since Beijing has used it to conduct surveillance in areas populated by one of China’s Muslim ethnic minorities.


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