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“Either he will be put on trial or he will lose the election next year,” Marcelo Werneck told the news agency AFP.

He was one of the participants in this weekend’s street protests here in Rio de Janeiro.

“Out with Bolsonaro” was the main demand in the demonstrations, which were held in 60 cities across Brazil.

The main reason for the dissatisfaction with the president is his handling of the corona pandemic.

But many of the slogans and slogans were also aimed at the rising prices of food and fuel.

The Brazilian president has lost further support in recent weeks.


Black September

Right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro is now worse off in the polls than ever since he came to power on 1 January 2019.

A survey from the department Datasheet shows that only 22 percent of voters believe that the president is doing a “good or excellent” job.

Bolsonaro received 55 percent of the vote when he won the presidential election in the autumn of 2018.

September was a black month for Brazil’s top leader. His mobilization of supporters on National Day on September 7 aroused disgust among many. During the mass rallies in São Paulo and Brasília, the president joined serious threats to the country’s Supreme Court.

Many Brazilians now fear what could happen if Bolsonaro loses the election next autumn.


Former President Lula da Silva is clearly leading the polls.

Photo: Marcelo Chello / AP

Lula leads

If there were elections in Brazil now, the left-wing candidate, Lula da Silva, would have won by a clear margin. A measurement from Datasheet gives Lula 44 percent of the vote against 26 for Bolsonaro in the first round. In the second round of elections, the figures are 56 against 31 per cent.

Lula has first and foremost support among young poor people with low education. He also has by far the greatest support among women.

Among the Kingdom of Brazil, Bolsonaro has a clear leadership, and he still has great support among evangelical Christians. But the support from the so-called “Pentecostal churches” has fallen significantly in recent times, the measurements show.

No other possible candidates have so far reached 10 percent in the polls – one year before the important presidential election.

Has disappointed many

Jair Bolsonaro’s election victory in 2018 is one of the most astonishing events in Brazilian politics in a very long time. A man who for almost 30 years was an insignificant member of the country’s parliament, swept into the presidential palace by a superb margin.

Economic crisis, widespread corruption and widespread crime here in Brazil are three reasons that are often cited as explanations for the success.

Bolsonaro was the man who “spoke from the liver” and thrilled millions with his criticism of the established parties.

Today, the vast majority here in Brazil are thoroughly fed up with his “fresh statements”, his weak political skills and his views on democratic rules of the game.

But he still has a strong core of supporters, and it can not be ruled out that he will return strongly ahead of the election.

It can also not be ruled out that his rival Lula da Silva will again be convicted of corruption, and end up behind bars within that time.

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