Protesters against the increase in tariffs broke into the building of JSC “Zhitomirgaz”. Video

Local residents protested against the tariff hike planned by the company. The rally began at 11 o’clock. No one came out to the protesters, they tore out the doors and entered the building’s foyer, the newspaper writes.

At about noon, the protesters broke through and ended up in the office of the chairman of the board, Valentin Yushchenko. After communicating with him, which was “accompanied by abuse and scuffle,” the activists went into the meeting room.

The police are working at the scene.


Video: Zhytomyr News / YouTube

The publication notes that the Mayor of Zhitomir, Sergei Sukhomlin, called for the rally of people on October 23. Press service of the local city council reportedthat on October 25, Zhytomyrgaz JSC intended to announce raising the tariff for gas distribution by 2.5 times, contrary to the position of the government and the president. The City Council calculated that if now the price for gas transportation for the population and enterprises is UAH 2.016, if the tariff is raised, it will increase to UAH 5.028 per m³, which will increase the burden on the budget of each family by an average of UAH 600-900 per month.

Sukhomlin emphasized that the Zhytomyrteplokommunenergo enterprise deliberately does not raise the price of heat supply in order to avoid the burden on the end consumer.

“We must get together in the community on Monday at Zhitomirgaz and resolutely express our position. There is a signed memorandum so that people do not critically feel the difference between gas purchases and the price in bills, but there is a monopolist who pledges millions in profits for himself,” it was said in the statement of the mayor of the city.


On September 24, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said that “regardless of price fluctuations on stock exchanges or hubs” tariffs for heat and hot water will not change during the entire heating season, that is, until the end of April 2022. On September 29, the Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Oleksiy Chernyshov announced 99% technical readiness for the start of the heating season.

September 30 at a meeting of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities a memorandum was signed, according to which tariffs for heat and hot water in Ukraine will not grow this winter and will amount to 7.4 UAH per 1 м³ (for the population) and 13.6 UAH for 1 м³ (for budgetary institutions).



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