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10/26/2020 – AIG has developed a new bundle product for more than 400 operating modes. The underwriter Midema brings a new public liability insurance. Hanse Merkur and MDT are reacting to Corona with something new for tour operators and the GHV is protecting hunting dogs when hunting packs.


The “Commercial Multiline Insurance 2.0” has the AIG Europe SA, Directorate for Germany Developed for companies with annual sales of up to 30 million euros. More than 400 types of business from the areas of trade and services, handicrafts, gastronomy and healing are insurable.

Expandable for target group concepts

“Commercial Multiline 2.0” consists of content, electronics and public liability insurance. These can be expanded to include “Classic Cover Plus”, which consists of additional protection elementary, EC and unnamed hazards and glass.

There is a general underinsurance waiver, a betterment clause and an update clause. The insurer waives any reduction in benefits in the event of gross negligence. In the event of a breach of obligations or safety regulations, the benefit will be reduced by a maximum of 20 percent. The sum difference cover (DIL) and the condition difference cover (DIC) are granted for up to 15 months.

Among other things, the product forms the basis for various target group concepts, which are built up in a modular system in order to shorten the time for product development. The policy can also be tariffed via the comparison calculator of the sales platform Thinksurance GmbH (formerly Gewerbeversicherung24).

Long extended liability in public liability

The public liability of Midema Assekuranz-Assecuradeurs GMBH provides coverage of five, 7.5 and ten million euros per insured event for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. For the insurance year, the sum insured is three times as much. Real financial losses are covered up to 100,000 euros.

Special features are, for example, the extended liability of up to ten years, the assumption of additional costs for the elimination of defects up to the insured amount as well as additional damage and repair and installation costs for subsequent delivery up to five million euros.

If a key is lost, consequential damage will also be compensated. Asbestos damage is insured up to one million euros. The claims between co-insured companies are covered. This also includes damage to the subcontractor’s work or material provided by the customer, legal action for wages, custody damage, damage caused by aerial drones and damage to work machines from renting up to five million euros.

Go hunting with your smartphone

The “hunting pack insurance” of Non-profit liability insurance company Darmstadt (GHV) covers the veterinarian costs for all dogs injured in a hunt between 500 (“Basic”) and 1,000 euros (“Premium”). In addition, there is coverage in the event of death or necessary emergency killing with sums between 1,000 and 2,000 euros. All three variants have a deductible for veterinary costs.

Loss during the hunt is included with sums of 900 and 1,600 euros as well as the two days following the hunt, on which the hunter and dog track down injured game. The maximum performance of all damages of an event amount to 1,500 (“basic”), 3,000 (“comfort”) and 5,000 euros (“premium”).

Double the maximum output can also be agreed. Up to 20 dogs can be insured for an amount of 142.80 euros; with twice the maximum output it is 214.20 euros. The policy should be taken out by the hunting organizer or guide. The conclusion is also possible via smartphone. All you need is information about the date, the area and the number of hunting dogs.

Corona protection for tour operators

For tour operators, the Hanse Merkur Reiseversicherung AG developed an obligatory corona travel protection. This means that pandemic-related damage such as illness, quarantine, refusal of transport, cancellation or interruption of travel after a travel warning is insured.

The services optionally include travel cancellation, travel interruption, travel health and corona travel health insurance. “Basis”, “Basis Plus”, “Premium” and “Premium Plus” are calculated individually, can be integrated into the sales process and do not require a minimum turnover.

All performance levels and price categories are covered. There is no excess. Insurance is mandatory in the travel price, but can be deselected by the customer.

The MDT Travel Underwriting GmbH has added a quarantine insurance product to classic travel insurance. “Covid Home & Holiday” is available from tour operators and can be booked by travel agencies using the computer reservation system (CRS).


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