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Protecting Your Spine: Insights from Yonsei Gwanghye Hospital CEO

Yonsei Gwanghye Hospital

Anyone can develop degenerative diseases as they age. As with the spine, aging or degenerative changes cannot be fundamentally prevented. However, there are management plans that can delay it as much as possible. With the help of Lee Won-chang, CEO of Yonsei Gwanghye Hospital, we learn how to protect the spine, the pillar of our body.

There are many degenerative spinal deformities that appear with aging. Lumbar disc herniation (herniated disc) in which the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae protrudes and presses on the nerve, spinal stenosis in which the spinal canal is narrowed and presses on the nerve, causing pain, Spondylolisthesis, which causes back pain and numbness in the legs, is one of them.

If this degenerative spinal deformity continues, the waist bends forward or sideways, and symptoms such as back pain, numbness in the hands and legs, and joint stiffness appear. Spinal stenosis may cause symptoms of having to rest two or three times while walking 100m.

The first way to minimize aging or degenerative changes in the spine is correct posture. In particular, when sitting, do not cross your legs and set your monitor or reading table to eye level. When viewed from the side, the spine should maintain the correct curve. You should refrain from bending your back or back, the turtle neck where the neck gradually comes forward, and the posture of sitting in a half-lying position.

Excessive drinking and smoking interfere with blood flow and nutrient supply to the spine or joints, and you need to be more careful as they can adversely affect various spinal diseases.

Obesity also has an effect. If obesity occurs in the lumbar region that needs to support the spine, the ability to properly support the spine weakens, increasing the possibility of spinal disease. Abdominal obesity changes the body shape, fixes an unnatural posture, and brings a burden to the waist.
If your back pain is so severe that it is difficult to improve with lifestyle changes or exercise therapy, you can receive help from intervertebral foraminal enlargement surgery.

The intervertebral foramen is a place that acts as a drain when substances that cause inflammation from an aged or damaged disc or surrounding cartilage are liberated and escaped. When this intervertebral hole is narrowed or blocked by connective tissue caused by inflammation or degeneration, it causes biochemical changes and causes pain.

Wonchang Lee, CEO of Yonsei Gwanghye Hospital, said, “The intervertebral foramen enlargement is a procedure that widens the narrowed intervertebral foramen with a special kit and removes the surrounding inflammation and adhesions, which are biochemical factors.” It is a highly recommended procedure before choosing spine surgery.”

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2023-08-08 18:00:00

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