Protect Your Locks: Understanding Sun Damage to Your Hair

A sunny day is one for us happy day. But does the sun’s rays make our hair just as happy?

Sun damage to your hair

We know from UV radiation that it is bad for our skin, including our scalp, which is covered with hair. It doesn’t sound illogical that the same radiation is also bad for your locks. But how bad exactly? Researchers at the University of São Paulo did a study into this. This showed that overexposure to ultraviolet visible and invisible wavelengths causes changes in hair color, texture and elasticity.

Dermatologist and hair expert Dr. Sharon Wong also know that the sun is not good for your hair. “Hair doesn’t actually burn in the sun, but overexposure to UVA and UVB rays results in oxidative stress,” she explains. Stylist. The oxidative stress can cause structural damage to the hair, making the hair more brittle and prone to split ends. “UV rays also bleach the pigment/melanin that gives hair its color.”

Protect your hair from the sun

If you want to protect your skin against the sun, simply apply a good SPF. Having hair also protects your scalp from the sun. “But that’s not enough to protect your scalp from sun damage,” says Dr. Wong. “The parting and crown of the scalp are common places where sun damage can occur, especially if your hair is on the thinner side,” she warns.

Some obvious ways to protect your scalp and hair from the sun is to wear scarves or caps. You can also apply a correct sunscreen to your scalp and hair. Although we are not talking about a cream, but about a sunscreen in powder form. “Powder sunscreen feels less thick,” says Dr. Wong about that. Don’t you feel that way too? Then nowadays you also have sunscreen sprays that have been specially developed for your hair. This way you protect your scalp and your locks, so nice!

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Source: Stylist | Image: Adobe Stock

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