Prostate cancer, sports and nutrition increase survival

“If prostate cancer is diagnosed, physical activity improves response to treatment and survival”, explains Dr. Ioannis Kartalas Goumas

It is well known that doing sport is good. But perhaps not everyone knows that practicing physical activity can improve treatment in case of prostate cancer and increase survival. “The prostate cancer it is the most frequent in males and is the second cancer for mortality, again in males, after lung cancer “, explains Dr. Ioannis Kartalas Goumas, head of the Urology Unit of the Beato Matteo Clinical Institute in Vigevano to Gazzetta Active. .

Can it be prevented in any way?
“Lifestyle is fundamental. A lifestyle with moderate physical activity and control of body weight, avoiding obesity, helps in prevention. Obesity is influenced by insulin resistance and inflammatory factors that cause chronic oxidative damage, which can also cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as tumors ”.

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What diet do you recommend?
“A diet low in saturated fat. The original Mediterranean diet is perfect: fruit, vegetables, legumes (not cereals) and a lot of extra virgin olive oil, but also fish, oil seeds and dried fruit, which give good fats. White meats can also be eaten, especially poultry. Pasta should not be demonized but eaten in moderation “.

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In terms of body weight, does the lean mass-fat composition also matter?
“In reality, we shouldn’t talk about weight, but about body mass index and abdomen circumference. In fact, obesity is not defined by weight, but by weight in relation to height. And especially visceral fat, that of the belly, has a negative effect ”.

What is meant by moderate physical activity?
“Play sports for at least an hour two or three times a week”.

But does sport prevent prostate cancer?
“There are some studies with conflicting results. But what is clear is that who does sport and at the same time is attentive to the diet has a lower risk of prostate cancer. Another fact is that once you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, physical activity improves your health response to treatments and survival. And this even if one has never played sports before ”.

Are there any sports that can increase the risk of prostate cancer, such as cycling that is often accused?
“Absolutely not”.

How is it diagnosed?
“After the age of 50, a blood test must be done every two to three years to evaluate a prostate enzyme, PSA, and a rectal examination by the urologist to evaluate the prostate. After the age of 40, these exams must be done if there is a familiarity. But PSA doesn’t always clearly indicate that there is a tumor. Sometimes there may be cases of high PSA but the tumor is not there. Rectal examination sees if there is a lump in the prostate. At that point the urologist decides whether to proceed with the investigations “.

What do the insights consist of?
“Once a biopsy was done, today prostate magnetic resonance is done, which says if you need to proceed with a prostate biopsy in case of positive resonance. If the resonance is negative, only checks are made over time, but no biopsy is done ”.

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17 October 2020 (modified on 17 October 2020 | 10:26)

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