PROSPECTS: The start of the new season of the national teams has not brought any points at goal

National coach Kari Jalonen communicates with his assistant Martin Erat (right) of the Czech team.

| photo: Reuters

Make mistakes in hockey. We didn’t show a full and consistent performance this time, Kari Jalonen, head of the Czech national team, stared in front of a handful of Czech newspapers. But the tournament showed me what I needed. As the darkness unfolds. Below we grow.

Karjala confirmed that even in domestic hockey, the door to Jalonena is also growing, which appears to be a significant gain, not a total gain in points.

After the nomination, there was no fuss when he left out half of the most productive players in the extra-national league. Of course, under the insignificant EHT action. Unlike Pena, there is still a shallow gap between the national team and the clubs. Sp Ho level

Before the start of the tournament, Karjala scored the Finnish goal for his extraleague colleagues on the day of the open national team. Jalonen gave them vision and planning. In the future, he announces that he will not take extraliga seats and routine Norwegian meeting, preparing for the playoffs, which caused tension between the two.

Your results significantly strengthen Jalonen’s position. With the bronze in the world, he found unpleasant echoes that reminded him of the persistent similarity without a medal. Proceed from Karjala to world wident. Jalonen worked with the branches to get as much play as possible. Current result? a day of euphoria, but certainly not of crisis.

Calm on the northern front, as the now beautifully filmed book might be paraphrased. Jalonen now has his first peace. Without stress and creeping criticism, he made me work. I saw the energy on the hill, the rep said. It wasn’t easy to gamble those saves in those days. So it goes to the World Cup.

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The creative paek indicated that he could easily reclaim a big role in lineups even after recruiting NHL players. Thus, his colleagues from the early training Chlapk s Lenec and Smejkal grew up. Individual quirks could be highlighted. Jalonen’s ensemble, on the other hand, could not find suitable parks for the crimson, the most productive starter of the last major tournament.

At least the Finnish strategist got acquainted with a number of new games. You recognized it again. This port is fine for me too.

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