Prosecutor’s Office presented witnesses and testimonies against alleged abuser in Valledupar

In it Second Criminal Circuit Court advanced the oral trial against William Hernando Coy Cruzpointed out by the crime of aggravated sexual abuse con under 14 years oldagainst one of his students, when he was working as a professor at the Milciades Cantillo Educational Institution from Valledupar.

During this Tuesday’s hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office 13 Section, coordinator of the Center for Attention to Victims of Sexual Abuse (CAIVAS), presented witnesses and testimonies against the 41-year-old graduate in Mathematics and Computer Science, originally from Bucaramanga, who allegedly carried out abusive sexual acts one of his students, and harassed others within the school where he worked.

In the development of the procedure, the Prosecutor’s Office presented to the expert of the Technical Research Corps that was in charge of collect interviews and interrogate the alleged victims of the teacher’s intimidation, as well as other members of the school’s administrative body.

His judicial process began in 2016. Photo: Archive

Among the testimonies, he presented the one granted by the rector of the school at that time, Gloria María Rois Romero, who in 2016 made a report on the situation, which was delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office.


In this investigation, several events related to the case were named. In the first, two professors from the teaching staff would have found the professor “hammering”, just as they had described it, with a 9th grade student inside a classroom.

On the other hand, another student also points out that she had stated that she had problems with the professor, because he would have wanted to establish a relationship with the student, but that she would not have agreed.

And to this is added the story of two other students who stated that the teacher used the social networks to approach minors; He wrote to one proposal to have sexual relationsalong with photos in which the professor could be seen naked, and the other “According to Facebook, he was proposing inappropriate things to her, ‘he told me how to do something that would make her heart race, that would make her sweat.’”, concluded the rector’s testimony, presented by the expert.

The same official also presented an interview conducted in the field, in which another student related what her relationship with the teacher was like: “The teacher started in the month of August (2015) at school and the following month, so to speak, we started talking on Facebook and from there it started… I don’t know how to gain my trust, then he asked me to help him with anything. what he was going to do and I was always next to him at the table… he sometimes I started grabbing my leg, but he grabbed my leg and the first days passed. Then I did it under the table, but there were other classmates, but they were like that… (shows how) like that next to me, but not so close to me… that is, it was still the same, it was with confidence as time went by, it was no longer It was my turn but it was going up and they already reached exceed the limits of your privacymoving on to touching their body parts, moving on to their private parts with his hands as well as with the virile member“said the expert.

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Furthermore, the Prosecutor’s Office presented one of the mothers of minors who were allegedly affected by the mathematics and technology teacher, who indicated through tears that her daughter was harassed by the teacher, which is why she felt that her daughter had changed her behavior since then.


William Hernando Coy Cruz, a graduate in Mathematics, was arrested in the year 2016 by the National Police, accused of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse with a minor under 14 years of agein compliance with an order issued by the First Municipal Criminal Court of Valledupar with guarantee control functions.

His capture took place inside one of the educational centers in the capital of Cesar, where he was informed of his rights and then he was taken to the Immediate Reaction Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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In that year, the Caivas Sectional Prosecutor’s Office 13 established that in 2015, this person, using his position and through deception, carried out abusive sexual acts on one of his students and apparently harassed others within the school where he worked.

However, it is important to mention that since the process began, the accused has declared innocent of the charges brought.

By Judicial Editorial THE PYLON

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