ProRail staff shortage resolved before Wednesday, but trains are still needed | Inland

Earlier in the evening, ProRail was unable to find the right traffic controller, after which it decided not to run any trains on the aforementioned routes between 07:00 and 15:00. “We did this to give carriers and travelers the opportunity to adapt to this,” says ProRail. An employee was found later in the evening. According to the rail manager, Connexxion and NS will do “their best” to ensure that the trains run according to the timetable.

The shortage of air traffic controllers also caused problems on Tuesday morning. At that time, trains were mainly canceled between Utrecht and Arnhem. ProRail regrets this and previously said it cannot guarantee that it will not happen again. The company has been dealing with a shortage of air traffic controllers for some time. There are currently 60 vacancies.

In the event of understaffing, the company chooses to run fewer trains. According to ProRail, this has so far mainly happened during holiday periods. “We are doing everything in our power to combat these shortages,” said the rail manager, who indicates that colleagues regularly hand in days off or work extra shifts. In addition, the training classes are fuller and more candidates succeed. Retired and former air traffic controllers have also filled in for a sick colleague several times.

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