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Proposal to repeal Arizona abortion ban advances

Phoenix. A proposal to repeal Arizona’s near-total abortion ban won approval from the state House on Wednesday after two weeks of mounting pressure on Republicans over an issue that bedeviled former President Donald Trump’s campaign to return to the House. White.

Three Republicans joined 29 Democrats to repeal a law older than the state of Arizona and that does not establish exceptions for rape or incest. If the Senate approves, as expected, Arizona would allow abortions up to 15 weeks.

With their political ambitions endangered by widespread opposition to a near-total ban on abortion, Trump and U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake had urged Arizona lawmakers to ease restrictions. But until Wednesday, most state House Republicans repeatedly used procedural votes to block the repeal, each time drawing condemnation from Democratic President Joe Biden, who has made support for abortion rights a central element of his reelection campaign.

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