Proper Wound Handling Prevents Children from Natural Infections


JAKARTA Wound treatment appropriate for children can prevent from infection . Pediatrician, dr. Mesty Ariotedjo, Sp.A said that in order to grow and develop optimally, in addition to the freedom to play and explore, children also have the right to get protection from their parents.

“This pandemic period provides an opportunity for parents to be more actively involved in activities
exploration of children is important for their growth and development,” said Mesty in his official broadcast, Wednesday (4/8).

Mesty explained, parents need to know that children need freedom in playing and exploring because these activities can stimulate children’s creativity and motor skills. In addition to providing freedom, as a protector for their children, parents also need to ensure the safety of the environment where children play and have a good understanding of injuries.

“Because there are still many parents who don’t know that each type of wound requires different treatment and improper wound care can increase the risk of continued infection, even trauma that can lead to injury.
affects the growth and development of children, “explained Mesty.

Furthermore, Mesty gave an example of trauma that may be experienced by children, namely having higher fears and worries than other children. This is because he has an unpleasant memory of being injured.

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“Therefore, it is important for parents and children to know the type of injury to know what treatment steps should be done,” said Mesty.

According to Hansaplast Marketing Director, Dr. Christopher Vierhaus, based on research World Health Organization (WHO) Falls are one of the most common accidents experienced by children. time pandemic Covid-19 such as currently making children spend most of their time at home.

“Therefore, the risk of getting injured when they are at home increases. Meanwhile, there are still many parents in Indonesia who do not understand the importance of providing proper wound care for children,” said Christopher.

If not treated properly, injuries caused by falling can cause infection, and even cause trauma that can prevent children from growing and developing optimally.

“We strengthen our commitment to protecting Indonesian families by presenting the Hansaplast Siaga Anak program which aims to assist parents in providing education about injuries to children,” said Christopher.

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Related to this, Christopher presents Hansaplast Plaster with a bacteria shield. “The entire series of Hansaplast Plasters equipped with a bacteria shield have been clinically tested to block dirt and bacteria, thus providing optimum protection and ideal conditions for the healing process without the risk of complications,” Christopher concluded.




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