Proof that you have not taken out a loan in the last 20 years, have not requested any Corona aid, have no debts, etc.?

Following situation:

Due to past gambling addiction (now abstinent), I no longer have any equity, because gambled away, and still have about 3,000 euros in debt. In addition, there is probably a Schufa entry, which I noticed because a EUR 495 washing machine could not be financed at an electrical dealer. I don’t get a loan either, only from Von Essen Bank or Sigma Bank, but on very bad terms.

I have a permanent job with a permanent contract and earn 1,600 euros there. In addition, I have around 300 euros monthly income from business operations.

Now my apartment (62sqm 3 room with balcony, close to the city center, large city in the Ruhr area) is to be sold and my landlady has offered it to me for 65,000 euros. I pay only 310Eur in rent because the apartment has old wooden windows with single glazing and an old bathroom.

If an interested party should buy it for personal use, I would have to go out and would not find another apartment because of the Schufa entry. My uncle, who owns several properties, is also wondering whether he might buy them.

Can anyone give me a hint? I would like to buy the apartment myself but I think this is an unreasonable idea due to my Schufa and debt situation and without equity? In general, I want to own property in the form of an apartment myself instead of renting it forever. The chance now would be ideal. Wouldn’t that be feasible somehow?

Or should I let my uncle buy them? He would have the money and would only have to pay for the maintenance of the bathroom and windows as well as ancillary costs such as notary, etc. max. Record 20,000. I would have to min. Record 80,000.


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