Promoting the Riches of the Pays de Fougères: A Colorful and Invigorating Video Clip

Promoting the Riches of the Pays de Fougères: A Colorful and Invigorating Video Clip

Par Manuel Rodríguez
Published on 25 Sep 23 at 3:54 p.m. See my news Follow La Chronique Républicaine The Fougères agglomeration video clip highlights the territory and its assets. ©Screenshot of the territory promotion video

Rhythmic, colorful and invigorating. The video posted online in recent days by Fougères agglomeration promotes the territory.

Natural sites, shops, businesses, sport, culture, heritage… All the richness of the Pays de Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) is evident in one minute and twenty seconds.

“Highlight our strengths”

This clip, visible on YouTube, is the new promotional element of the agglomeration.

Presented to business leaders and elected officials, it must embody the brand of economic attractiveness: Fougères, being in the right place.

Marketing tool created in 2022, it is the figurehead of a new communication strategy, more offensive and modern.

A desire to seduce the outside but also the inside by consigning to oblivion the vision, if not negative at least pessimistic, that some (too many) have of the territory of the Pays de Fougères.

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We had a lack of notoriety and image. Fougères bashing existed. With the territorial brand, we want to be positive, create a dynamic, highlight our strengths, show that we are a country of workers, enthusiastic and available people.

Michel Balluais, vice-president of the agglomeration in charge of the economy

“We must be proud”

Jean-Michel Galle confirms: “We are the first ambassadors of the Pays de Fougères. A territory where it is good to grow, live and work.”

Director of the company of the same name and president of the Marches de Bretagne delegation of the CCI, he urges everyone, residents, business leaders, elected officials to “stop being afraid of putting themselves forward. We must be proud: businesses and businesses are doing well, services are present. Here it moves, here it pulses. »

Made in Pays de Fougères

The video, produced by the company Smardia du Fougerais Benjamin Delaunay, was filmed over three days in May 2023. A call for extras was launched on social networks, which made it possible to recruit six young men and elderly women from 20 to 32 years old.
“The filming locations were chosen to represent the entire territory,” explains Fougères agglomeration. So, if we see the castle of Fougères, the quarry or even the greenway, but also the Tourbière de Landemarais (Parigné), the Vallée du Bois Ainault (Monthault) or the Saut-Roland (Luitré-Dompierre), the castle du Bois-Guy (Parigné) and the Jardin des Utopies (Laignelet).
As for catering, the film crew went to La Petite Auberge, the L’Audace tea room, the Maison du Sarrasin as well as the cocktail bar La Petite saw Rose and the Kannacafé.
For leisure, the media library, the FabLab, the Victor-Hugo theater, the Juliette-Drouet cultural center and even the Urbanists were chosen. Finally, on the sports side, images were filmed at Energym, at the Saut-Roland climbing spot and at the Pays de Fougères basket.

At the head of Safran, the largest private employer in the sector (1,000 people across all contracts), Patrice Perodeau believes that this brand is a “necessary tool” which he claims to have already “seized”.

Accustomed to recruiting (300 people in 2023), the manager knows that the decision to come and settle in a territory is made as a family: “The living environment, the sports and cultural infrastructures, the proximity are assets that are necessary promote. »

For him, this video allows us to “remove barriers, representations”.

Conclusion from Alice Lebret, elected in Fougères and president of Destination Fougères: “In Fougères we are good. And there are no buts. »

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