Promoting Nutritious Food Education for Children: A Collaborative Program with Maryam Reading House and Kompasiana

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Portrait of the Children of Baca Maryam’s House/Dokpri

Quality nutritional intake is a determinant of children’s survival, health and development. Children with good nutrition can grow and develop well too. They can learn, participate, and be useful to society. In addition, they are able to survive various challenges from disease, natural disasters and other forms of global crisis.

The habit of consuming nutritious food must be implemented from an early age so that they get used to the taste of the food. However, as time goes by, many less nutritious foods have emerged which are packaged as attractively as possible so that children are interested and consume them. Apart from that, with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, children are reluctant to move and adopt a sedentary lifestyle. This has an impact on his health. Children get tired and weak more easily, and are easily attacked by disease so that children experience difficulties during the learning process. The long-term effects that can occur include a decrease in a person’s quality of life, being underweight, iron deficiency anemia, obesity and malnutrition.

One effort that can be given to children is by providing education about nutritious food. Through a collaborative program with Maryam Reading House, Dusun Bureau, Students of KKN MBKM Care for Stunting, State University of Malang held education regarding nutritious food for school children. The activity was held on November 26 2023 with the activity name “Come on, Complete My Plate” at Maryam Reading House, Bureau Hamlet, Wonorejo Village, Puncu District, Kediri Regency. The activity was also carried out in commemoration of “World Children’s Day” which is celebrated on November 20 2023. The activity was attended by around 15-20 children aged 9-12 years.

photo-info">Poster and Scrapbook Media for Children/Dokpri

The education given to children is also about “The Contents of My Plate” which must be consumed every day. The benefits and examples of each component of the contents of my plate are explained using a question and answer method so that children do not get bored when listening to the material provided. Apart from that, posters are also felt to help in the process of providing education. Children are also invited to be creative in making crafts and arranging the components of their lunch.

It is hoped that providing nutritious food education will encourage children to eat nutritious food and lead healthy lives.

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