Promoting Equality in Business: Tools, Workshops, and Education

Promoting Equality in Business: Tools, Workshops, and Education

Thanks to the support of the Cantonal Sustainable Development Strategy, the BEF has recently informed and supported businesses in the canton of Friborg in terms of egalitarian management through its “Equality in Business” project. It offers conferences and workshops adapted to the challenges of different organizations. Currently, the BEF is continuing its collaboration with the Employer and Economic Federation (FPE-CIGA) by preparing a workshop for member companies. Any company interested in a tailor-made workshop is invited to contact the BEF at the following address: [email protected].

Because gender equality is a decisive economic issue and today essential in terms of sustainability, performance and innovation in particular. Indeed, the implementation of measures promoting gender equality in business presents advantages, among other things, in terms of the company’s productivity, its competitive position on the market and its attractiveness to its current staff. as future.

As part of the “Equality in Business” project, the BEF has also summarized in a brochure the main tools of egalitarian management for the concrete achievement of equality and diversity in the professional world.

At the crossroads of the field of business economics and social science studies, the 9-axis approach proposed in this brochure is innovative and based on recent scientific sources. Intentionally multiple and varied, this approach easily adapts to the realities of any organization, whatever its sector of activity, its size and its current concerns. Each axis, listed below, allows you to discover its context, its advantages as well as keys to action.

The BEF invites all interested people and companies to order this new brochure for freein French or German, from [email protected] or consult it online on the BEF website.

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Finally, on the basis of the content of this documentation and with the aim of training the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the BEF has entered into a partnership with the Haute Ecole de Gestion Friborg (HEG-FR). From the start of the September 2023 academic year, final year Bachelor students in business economics can take an optional course to develop the theme, i.e. 14 sessions of 1h30 each. The last two sessions, which will take place on Saturday October 21 from 1:45 p.m. to 5 p.m. at HEG-FRwill be open to the public who will be able to attend free of charge. a round table on the theme of gender equality in digital technology. Registration required with [email protected].

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