Promises more than 100 miles range on new electric cars

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(Elbil24): If there is something many prospective electric car owners are interested in, it is reach. However, there are many indications that this is unlikely to be a major issue in the coming years. Already now, 40-50 miles is almost normal as for the majority of new family electric cars, and soon this number can be doubled.

Recently, a number of car manufacturers have launched new platforms that allow for larger battery packs and thus longer range, and already later this year comes the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which can offer a full 770 kilometers range according to the WLTP standard.

And in the long run, we know that there will be solid state batteries, which will be both lighter and enables far greater energy density. Thus, much more energy can be stored on battery packs with the same volume as today’s lithium-ion batteries – and thus longer range.

Promises more than 100 miles

The Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD is current in Norway with the model Tang, but is also one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of electric car batteries. Their Blade battery has received a lot of attention lately, partly because it is free of cobalt and is almost completely fireproof.

And while the range is a maximum of 400-500 kilometers today, it will soon be much better, BYD promises.

The company has just announced the first details of a new electric car platform, called e-Platform 3.0. According to a press release from the company, the platform will be very flexible in terms of car size, and will be equipped with Blade batteries in the construction. Both two- and four-wheel drive will be possible, the latter with acceleration of down to 2.9 seconds from 0-100 kilometers per hour.

What is perhaps most exciting is that the standard enables battery packs that will provide a range of over 1000 kilometers, as well as 800 volt-based fast charging with up to 150 kilometers range after just five minutes in the charger, the manufacturer promises.

Direct cooling and heating systems will contribute to up to 20 percent higher efficiency and lower energy loss. In addition, a new and efficient heat pump will ensure up to 20 percent better range in winter.

Showed a new flagship

At the same time, BYD has presented the concept car Ocean-X. This will be a sporty sedan that benefits from the best the platform has to offer, but details beyond this we have not yet received. You see a sketch of the car at the top.

However, the first production model to use e-Platform 3.0 is Dolphin, a compact model that will initially only be available in China. The pre-sale of this started in August.


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