Project: All in Trott-Reims

The development of parking facilities for scooter users.

Project display

At a time when global warming is an increasingly important problem on a global scale, it is essential to reduce CO2 emissions to save our planet. The French have ceased to be distant spectators of the effects of climate change on their environment and perceive them directly. The crisis of the coronavirus epidemic has changed the relationship of the French to conventional modes of transport.

The ways of getting around have diversified with the development of the scooter and in particular with the arrival of electric models. All means are good to reduce our carbon footprint and pollute less and quite simply to be more responsible towards our planet.

We have therefore decided to act on our own scale. The project aims to:

  • Develop secure parking to structure the development of scooters in Reims.
  • Change the image of the scooter through communication actions around the themes of soft urban mobility and road safety.

In order to start the production of storage boxes, We need your support . You can play an essential role by participating in the financing of the project.

Origin of the project

As part of the project management in master 2 MESS, each student had upstream his idea of ​​the project he wanted to carry out during the 2020-2021 academic year. Following the brainstorming that was done within the M2 MESS group, 3 projects were selected including that of Amaury on the scooter.

So after series of questions / answers on the 3 projects Moirabou and Oumar decided to join Amaury in order to participate in the project on the development of the scooter. The basic idea of ​​the precursor of the project which is Amaury was the development of the muscular scooter in all the campuses of Reims, the high schools or the structures which welcome young people. And it was after consultation between project leaders that we managed to find a common agreement on the development of electric and muscular scooters in the city of Reims.

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What will the money collected be used for?

The parking problem is one of the main obstacles to the use of the scooter as a means of transport in Reims. Tous en Trott enables power users safely park their scooters.

The funds raised will finance the manufacture of parking boxes, their installation and the communication campaign on safety related to the use of scooters. Below, the prototypes modeled by the project team. These are models that can accommodate electric and muscle scooters.

Project beneficiaries

We carried out a feasibility study of a parking lot to get to know all the people interested in installing parking facilities.

Our team

The project is carried out by 3 students in the second year of the Master in Management of Social and Solidarity Economy Enterprises (M2-MEESS) at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.

To help us achieve the objectives and carry out this project, we are counting on your generosity !!

We are grateful for any amount you wish to invest in this project.

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