Home News Prohibition zones for "Mozart sellers" planned in Vienna - Vienna

Prohibition zones for “Mozart sellers” planned in Vienna – Vienna

Since the beginning of the year there have been stricter rules for “Mozart sellers” in Vienna. From April onwards, the City of Vienna also plans to set up “Mozart” -free zones.

You wait everywhere at important sights in Vienna and try to sell tickets to tourists with a white wig and in a “Mozart” coat: the “Mozart sellers”!

Whether on Stephansplatz or in front of the State Opera – for many Viennese and holidaymakers, the salesmen disguised as “Mozart” are simply indispensable to the cityscape.

The mesh of ticket sellers in Mozart costumes, however, are not entirely uncontroversial. Some people often find them intrusive and annoying.

“Mozart sellers” need permission

But now the city of Vienna is taking tough action against it.

Since January 1st, the “Mozart sellers” have been subject to the so-called usage tax law. Ticket sellers must now apply for a fee-based permit. The price: 150 euros.

Prohibited zones from April?

In addition, the city has already announced that it will also set up prohibition zones for “Mozart sellers”. The sale of tickets is prohibited in these zones.

In consultation with the Chamber of Commerce, these zones should then be determined. As “ORF Vienna” reports, these “Mozart” -free zones should come in spring. The speech may be from April.

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