Profits and losses of Arab-US oil quarrels for Indonesia


Relations between the United States (USA) and Saudi Arabia are heating up. This is in the aftermath of the OPEC + oil-exporting country’s reduction plan oil production up to 2 million barrels per day. What are the implications for RI?

SKK Migas chief Dwi Soetjipto said the impact of OPEC + production cuts should make oil and gas prices relatively high.

“OPEC + production cuts, not only by Arabs, on the contrary today we read of a bit of friction. Obviously in terms of OPEC + production cuts, we see the impact that oil and gas prices they will still be relatively tall, “he told the Wisma Building, Mulia, Jakarta on Monday (10/17/2022).


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For Indonesia, especially in the upstream oil and gas sector, the impact will be positive because it will motivate people to invest because the economy is better.

“For Indonesia itself, it’s good because we’re friends with both of us, America, friends, Saudi Arabia, friends, we’re not in that conflict,” he said.

“Therefore, it should be good because we become an alternative to invest,” he continued.

However, with high oil and gas prices, Indonesia has to be calculated. This is because Indonesia also imports oil, including its fuel.

“At what level is the balance between the benefits obtained from the upstream and the costs that derive from the subsidies. Obviously this is what needs to be sought,” he explained.

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