Profit Big, This Company Awarded 4,116 New Car Workers – Steel manufacturer in China made a scene in the international community for giving 4,116 workers new car as a bonus.

Company give these bonuses because advantage obtained company exceeded the target for five consecutive years Oddity Central.

On October 1, Jiangxi West Dajiu Iron & Steel Corporation celebrated its success and rewarded employees for contributing to its annual growth.

The company reported increasing profits over the last five years. Therefore, the management of the company would like to thank its employees in a special way.

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The company management then gave 4,116 employees, one car each.

There are two brands of cars that the company presents to its employees. Each of the 2,933 units of the Jiangling Ford Territory and 1,183 units of the FAW-Volkswagen Magotan.

The cars were distributed in stages in the weeks preceding the National Day holidays.

According to Chinese media Sohu, the total funds spent for the 4,116 cars was US $ 74 million (Rp. 1 trillion).

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It is not enough to buy a car for its employees, the company will also bear the production of vehicle number plates. insurance car for five years, and pay vehicle tax.

On October 1, they celebrated the gift of the car in a large open field.

A tape of the event as promotional material has also been circulating on Chinese social media over the past week.

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The reaction from the public was mixed. Most of the netizen praise steel company it shares the profits with the employees.

However netizen another commented that it would be better if the company gave its employees fresh money so that the employee could buy the car he liked.


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