Profile of Three Scientists Who Get the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Thanks to Discovering the Hepatitis C Virus

Rhoda Baer/National Institutes of Health, Richard Siemens/University of Alberta, AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Photo collage showing (from left) Harvey J Alter, Charles M Rice, and Michael Houghton, who jointly won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Monday (5/10/2020) for the identification of the hepatitis C virus. (Rhoda Baer / National Institutes of Health, Richard Siemens / University of Alberta, AP Photo / John Minchillo)

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Two American scientists (US) and a British scientist win appreciation Nobel Prize in Medicine 2020 on Monday (5/10/2020).

The three of them received this prestigious award for their services in identifying and discovering the hepatitis C virus.

Their findings have helped suppress the spread of the virus and develop drugs to cure the disease.

The three scientists and their nationalities are Harvey J Alter and Charles M Rice from the US and Michael Houghton from England.

Here are the profiles of the three:

1. Harvey J. Alter

Harvey J. Alter(Nobel Media)

Harvey J. Alter is a researcher at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Launching the official page, Harvey J. Alter was born in 1935 in New York, United States (US).

He received his medical degree at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and was trained in internal medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital and at Seattle University Hospital.

In 1961, he joined the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical fellow.

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