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KOMPAS.comCiliwung Sodetan or Ciliwung River Waterway became the public spotlight after President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said the project had been stalled for 6 years.

There were a number of obstacles that stopped the Sodetan Ciliwung project, but the most dominant one was the case of land acquisition, especially in the water inlet section.inlet) because there is resistance from residents.

History of Ciliwung Sodetan

Quoted from the PUPR Ministry’s official website, the Sodetan Ciliwung project is an effort by the central government to partner with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to deal with floods that regularly hit the capital city every year.

The Ciliwung Sodetan project is one of the many flood control projects in the downstream area apart from infiltration wells, a giant embankment on the north coast (giant sea wall), and river normalization.

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Meanwhile in the upstream, the government is building two dams at once, namely the Ciawi Dam and the Sukamahi Dam which have been operating since the end of 2022 yesterday.

The Ciliwung sewer was actually initiated a long time ago, or since the East Flood Canal project started.

However, this project was only realized in 2014 or when Jokowi was still the Governor of DKI Jakarta. The project continued even though at that time there was still resistance from residents who would be evicted.

photo" data-photolink="">Dock. PUPR Ministry The Ciliwung River Sodetan Project which is expected to reduce flooding in Jakarta.

Initially, the Sodetan Ciliwung tunnel was targeted to be completed in 2015. There are two tunnels being built, the first canal is 3.25 meters wide and the second canal is 3.2 meters wide, with a total length of 1.3 kilometers.

For that, built two inlet, inlet first to drain water from the Cipinang River, then inlet second for the Ciliwung River.

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From the two rivers, the water will later flow into the East Flood Canal (BKT) which can accommodate a much larger flow of water than the two natural rivers. The water supplied by the Ciliwung Sodetan will flow to the Kebon Nanas area.

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The construction of the Ciliwung Sodetan will reduce the flood discharge of the Ciliwung River by channeling 60 m3/second of water to the East Flood Canal, when the Ciliwung River is no longer able to accommodate the water discharge at an estimated 25 annual repeat flood discharge of 508 m3/second.

Several areas will benefit from this project, such as the Jatinegara and Kampung Melayu areas, two areas in Jakarta that are prone to flooding due to heavy rains and the impact of water shipments from upstream.

Dead 6 years

Along the way, land acquisition for this project encountered problems. Until Jokowi’s leadership was replaced by Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), land acquisition was not completed. Ahok said that many land mafias were hindering the project.

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During Governor Anies Baswedan’s era, land acquisition efforts for Sodetan Ciliwung were still continuing. In 2019, Anies issued Governor Decree Number 1744 of 2019.

This decree regulates the Land Acquisition Preparatory Team for the construction of the Ciliwung River Sodetan in Bidara Cina, Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

Meanwhile, after being elected President, Jokowi is also still diligently monitoring the progress of the project. He even inaugurated tunnel drilling activities Ciliwung River canal to the East Flood Canal in 2015.

For example, in 2015 alone, the construction of the Ciliwung Sodetan was only 550 meters long. Then it was continued in 2015-2017 with permanent construction outlet and the retaining wall of Cipinang River.

In 2021, the PUPR Ministry will continue the work of the Ciliwung Sodetan to the 714-meter East Flood Canal which consists of Zone A in the form of a permanent building inlet open channel 165 meters and normalization of the Ciliwung River.

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Then Zone B is a double tunnel tunnel from inlet the arriving shaft 549 meters, and Zone D normalization of Cipinang River and KBT.

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Although land acquisition in inlet has not yet been completed, the PUPR Ministry continues construction in other parts.

The construction of the Ciliwung River Sodetan is carried out by contractors PT Wijaya Karya and PT Jaya Construction, KSO and supervision consultants PT Virama-Supra-TAA, KSO with an implementation period of August 2021-August 2023.

The budget allocation for the construction of canals (tunnels) and digging channels to increase the capacity of the Cipinang River is IDR 683.9 billion in 2021.

Construction then resumed with a contract value of Rp 707.6 billion. Meanwhile, if the total is taken as a whole, the Sodetan Ciliwung project costs more than IDR 1.2 trillion.

photo" data-photolink="">Workers are in the middle of the Ciliwung River-East Flood Canal sewer project in the Jatinegara area, Jakarta, Tuesday (24/1/2023).  The flood control project is targeted to be completed in April Ramadhan Workers are in the middle of the Ciliwung River-East Flood Canal sewer project in the Jatinegara area, Jakarta, Tuesday (24/1/2023). The flood control project is targeted to be completed in April 2023.

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After the land acquisition issue is completed, the construction of the Ciliwung Sodetan is targeted to be completed in early August 2023 and will reduce the flood inundation area by 253 hectares.

Jokowi mentioned

President Jokowi had time to review the development project on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. On that occasion, Jokowi revealed that the project Ciliwung water pipe can be resumed after being idle for six years.

The obstacle that stopped the project was land acquisition at point 3. Point 3 of the Ciliwung-KBT sewerage project is located in KBT, Cipinang Besar Selatan Village, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta.

“(The problem is) (land) acquisition. I said earlier, I was also surprised that Governor Heru (land acquisition) was being carried out. I don’t know what the approach is, but it’s over,” said Jokowi.

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“Last year, 1.5 months ago, land was acquired here (point 3), so the drilling could start again,” he continued.

Meanwhile, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono revealed that there had been no significant progress in the normalization project for the Ciliwung River and the Ciliwung River-East Flood Canal project which had been running for six years.

In fact, according to Basuki, the two projects can reduce flooding in the capital if they are carried out consistently.

“If it had been consistently carried out from the past, it would have been reduced. The problem was that the President said, 6 years have not been dealt with, normalization has not been dealt with, water pipes have not been treated,” Basuki said.

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Basuki said, the government had indeed completed the Sukamahi and Ciawi Dams to control water from the upstream areas.

photo" data-photolink="">President Joko Widodo inspects Point 3 of the Ciliwung River-East Flood Canal (KBT) sewer project in Cipinang Besar Selatan Village, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta, Tuesday (24/1/2023) / Nabilla Ramadhian President Joko Widodo inspects Point 3 of the Ciliwung River-East Flood Canal (KBT) sewer project in Cipinang Besar Selatan Village, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta, Tuesday (24/1/2023).

However, he reminded that there needs to be flood control infrastructure in the middle and downstream areas because rain that falls in the Jakarta area can also cause flooding.

Therefore, the government normalized the Ciliwung River, built the Ciliwung-KBT canal, and built a pumping station downstream of the Sentiong River.

“From 414 (subdistricts affected by flooding), if with (Dam) Sukamahi-Ciawi it will be 318, if with (sodetan) this will be 211, later with (pumping station) Sentiong below it will decrease again, with normalization it will decrease again, so far it has not been handled ,” Basuki said.

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(Author: Ardito Ramadhan, Muhammad Naufal | Editor: Bagus Santosa, Ihsanuddin)

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