Profile of Jeffry Reksa, Princess Delina’s lover who was involved in the feud with Nathalie Holscher

JakartaProfile Jeffery Mutualbeloved Princess Delina being flicked Nathalie Holscher.

Comedian Sule’s daughter, Putri Delina is back in the spotlight. This is because Putri Delina’s outpouring of her heart to Maia Estianty finally went viral.

On Maia Al El Dul TV’s Youtube channel, Putri Delina candidly admits that she likes to feel lonely.

“Honestly, Putri still feels like always saying she’s lonely, because Putri feels that no one can understand Putri,” said Putri Delina.

“Princess actually just wants to be there for Putri, to continue to support her and that is to always support Putri at all times, to be told to go forward, but so far, Putri doesn’t feel anything,” he added.

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