Professor: Latvia must start thinking about quarantine facilities for Covid-19 patients – Society and Politics – News

He said that RSU is conducting a number of studies on the effects of Covid-19, and one problem highlighted by interviews with patients and their relatives is that housing is often small and there is a real need to distance, isolate, organize one’s life according to the new rules. complicated.

In the summer, some families solved these problems by building tents, but now, in the autumn and winter, the state should think about the possibility of solving this problem, Briģis said.

“Here’s what to think, the Ministry of Welfare and the government coordination working group should be involved, attention and assistance should be provided,” said Briģis.

He noted that options for using free hotels have been tried abroad, “maybe you can come up with solutions, you should definitely start thinking about it”.

Earlier, the director of the SPKC department Yuri Perevoshchikov, asked whether it is right to send infected people to healthy people to places where it is impossible to isolate the sick from the point of view of infection control, LSM admitted that “ideally everyone should be in separate boxes, but we live in the real world and that is not possible “.

“The current reality is that a person with mild symptoms is treated at home. And for us, 90% of people are treated at home, and often in contact with other people. The risk [inficēties] is acceptable in this case because it cannot be avoided, “said a spokesman for the SPKC at the time.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Health Ilmārs Dūrītis (“Development / About!”) Admitted to the program that the current regulation, which allows only individual interest education classes and trainings and prohibits children from one family to attend, is a regulatory loophole.

Dūrītis admitted that the question about it is in place and there is no real reason why children from one household could not go to training together. He said that this would definitely need to be discussed and changed.


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