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As of December 18, 2020, 8:23 p.m.

In the Hamburg Journal, the head of the intensive care department of the AK St. Georg defended himself against allegations. Minimum staffing levels would be respected, he said.

The beds in Hamburg’s hospitals are becoming scarce – also because of the corona pandemic. The Hamburg Journal reported on Thursday. “The intensive capacities are completely exhausted and it is already the case that in some cases it is only possible to work with a care ratio of 1: 5,” said Romana Knezevic, nurse at AK St. Georg, on Thursday in the program.

“Authority checked”

The head of the intensive care unit, Professor Berthold Bein, has now rejected this description of the situation. “The accusations she has made regarding intensive care are proven to be false,” said Bein. Romana Knezevic would not work in an intensive care unit, but in a normal ward. The legislature has prescribed strict staff limits for the clinics. “We adhere to these minimum staffing levels very strictly in St. Georg. The authorities regularly check this.” The nursing staff would care for a maximum of two to three patients in the intensive care units.

“Could operate more intensive care beds”

The Asklepios Group has invested a lot of money in buying state-of-the-art ventilators. “Specifically, that means: We could operate a lot more intensive care beds. But we don’t do that because we strictly adhere to the Nursing Staff Lower Limit Ordinance.”

The cleaning of the answering machines is one of the tasks of the nursing staff in the intensive care unit. Dying patients are not left alone, stressed Bein. The current utilization of the clinic is high. “The situation is quite tense.” The AK St. Georg could therefore no longer accept patients from external clinics.

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