Professor Finn explained who should not be abruptly tied to alcohol

Do what distracts you

“Determine what can keep you busy when you usually drink, what activities can replace drinking, and then start it,” advises Finn. — The best options are regular exercise and participation in social events, those in which certain obligations are fulfilled.

Make a list

– You can also compose list of all the benefits of quitting alcohol and against continuing to drink alcohol, recommends the psychologist. Remember them regularly.

Change environment

If a person or company pushes or persuades you to drink alcohol, try to limit your contact with them.

“Analyze what situations are associated with drinking in your life and avoid them,” says Dr. Finn. It is also important to control the level of stress in life and ask for support from loved ones.

– If you regularly find yourself in situations where others drink, then decide which soft drink will be an alternative to alcohol for you. And as soon as an opportunity arises to leave the drinking company, do so, Finn said.

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