Professional Recording in PP National Council Meeting Raises Questions of Conspiracy

The PP-DB coalition did an internal check, which established that Radostin Vassilev’s recording of a meeting of the National Council of the PP was made professionally and with special equipment, and not with a tablet, as he himself claimed.

This was announced on Friday to BNT by the co-chairman of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” and DSB leader Atanas Atanasov. According to him, this is “specifically Watergate”. He asked when the police and services would take a stand on the case.

“We have already checked how the recording was made. We will not leave it at that. I am convinced that the purpose of this recording is to fail the second term and to have no regular government. We have almost established that this recording cannot be done from a tablet at home . It was made professionally and with a special technique,” said Atanasov.

If it turns out that military aid to Ukraine was not provided by order of President Rumen Radev, there is definitely grounds for impeachment, said Atanas Atanasov.

A parliamentary commission of inquiry must be formed to check whether the decisions of the National Assembly have been implemented, Atanasov said.

Atanasov also answered a question about how the PP-DB parliamentary group will vote for the immunity of Boyko Borisov. I would say that Mr. Borisov can’t and I don’t believe that Mr. Borisov will bet the government against his own immunity, commented Atanasov.

According to the PP-DB co-chairman, the question cannot be asked why Borissov’s immunity is being requested right now. I am convinced that this is part of a plan for the failure of forming a government, which has many elements, commented Atanasov. He specified that the group has not yet decided how it will vote.

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2023-06-02 20:42:03

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