Professional baseball LG signs left-handed pitcher Suarez for $600,000

Professional baseball LG Twins sign new foreign pitcher Andrew Suarez.

LG announced today (5th) that it has signed a contract with Suarez for a total of $600,000, including a down payment of $200,000 and an annual salary of $400,000.

Considering that the maximum ransom price for new foreign players in the KBO League is $1 million, including both annual salary and transfer fees, it can be seen that LG paid a significant transfer fee to the major league club and brought Suarez.

Suarez was nominated for the second round of the San Francisco Giants in the 2015 Rookie Draft.

He debuted in 2018 and recorded a total of 7-15 losses and an average ERA of 4.66 in the 3 major league seasons until last year.

In 2018, he started in 29 matches, leaving 7 wins and 13 losses and an average ERA of 4.49.

In the minor leagues, he made 83 appearances in his career and posted an average of 3.62 ERA with 30 wins and 24 losses.

Suarez said, “I am very proud and happy to be a member of the LG Twins, a prestigious KBO league club,” and “I am so excited to meet fans at Jamsil Baseball Stadium this season and I want to help the team win.”

LG General Manager Cha Myung-Seok said, “Suares has a stable pitch, fast fastening, and a variety of pitches. We look forward to the role of one-two punch on the left and right of our team with Casey Kelly this season.”

In 2021, LG organized foreign players with pitchers Suarez, Kelly, and Gupo Roberto Ramos.

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(Photo = Getty Image Korea)


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