Professional baseball KIA recruits foreign pitcher Mengden… 17 wins in MLB career

Professional baseball KIA Tigers have signed a new foreign pitcher Daniel Mengden (27).

KIA said, “We signed a contract with Mengden for a total of $1 million, including a down payment of $300,000, an annual salary of $425,000, and an option of $275,000.”

Right-handed pitcher Mengden made his major league debut at the Auckland Athletics in 2016, posting an ERA of 17-20 with an ERA of 4.64 in 60 games in five seasons.

Ahead of this season, he had an elbow bone removal surgery and only played in 4 games, recording only 1 loss without winning.

KIA explained, “Mengden throws a fastball in the mid-to-late range of 140 km/h based on a wild pitching form,” and “a pitcher with a stable pitch.”

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)


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