Prof. Vitanov: I give 10% to whom he shows where this empty money from the headquarters is

Prof. Nikolay Vitanov Staff: Nova TV

Brief information about the operational situation for Bulgaria regarding the COVID-19 pandemic on June 1, 2021

The situation is as expected. The baseline reproductive number today is 0.646, which means that the expectations for the next few days are for a further contraction of the infection. As expected, we fell below 20,000 active cases. The direction is down – to 15 000. The health system is unloading. Let the doctors rest a little too. While some criticize them, I tell them – well done. It’s easy to criticize when you’re not at the front and you don’t know what it’s like to fight an opponent with your bare hands.

Trend reversal indicators remain very low. Which means that new variants of the virus are not seen roaming the country. We need to keep this as long as possible. Mortality is expected to be 20 people a day, and expectations are expected to gradually decrease here as well.

Today, for a change, I’m going to show you a risk map. But not for Bulgaria, but for Europe. We also make such. You see that the situation is calm, life is slowly recovering. There are two countries with a slightly increased risk from our point of view, but things are going well there as well.

Finally, a comment on the money they took from headquarters. Abe, I’m looking for them and I’m wasting this money. I have not recieved anything. I passed then. If these experts, who talk about the tens of thousands, help me find where my money is, I give 10% to the first one to show them where it is. So, when I get rich, he has to anoint the man for helping me. Come on, tell me who gave them away so I could go and look for them.

But show evidence that they were distributed, so that when I go to look for them, I don’t become a laughing stock. It doesn’t work here “a woman in the market said they were taking money”. They will answer me “Well, go, this woman from the market will give them to you”. So give iron proof. Reward – 10% of the money he takes.

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