Prof. Rachev with a long-term forecast of what summer is coming

We are already chasing 20 degrees water temperature. A nice warm summer is waiting for us. This was said to bTV by the climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev.

He pointed out that at the moment there is an alternation of hot and cold air, “whirlwind, wave nature, conditions for very good rain on Saturday and Sunday.”

“The peak of thunderstorm activity is in May and June,” he said.

“The rains on Saturday and Sunday are serious, at least for southwestern Bulgaria. In the afternoon, for a short time, the typical summer rains. “Maybe they’ll be a little longer by an hour or two,” he said.

He explained that a “hole” is expected from Wednesday to next Saturday with hot weather, after which there will be heavy rain again.

“Summer is expected to be quite warm, even in the modern look,” he said.

Prof. Rachev predicts that in the period June 8-10 there will be 21-22 degrees at sea. “June, especially the second half, is deadly for the sea,” said the climatologist.

“The minimum temperatures are already very high – 16-18 degrees,” he said.

“A warm month is based on the European model. It seems that he will probably leave with below normal rainfall “, said Prof. Rachev.

You can see what the weather will be like in days and hours in the BLIC section, in which we inform you about the climatic conditions in the country.

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