Prof. Rachev: Late autumn will break out on Tuesday, it will be warm until the end of the month

In the next few days in Bulgaria it will rain, expected quantities of 40-50 liters, but modern well distributed throughout the day, which fills the rivers, but the spills are not very large, “said climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev to bTV.

The reason for the precipitation in the “third well-formed Mediterranean cyclone, which invades the Balkans and especially Greece.” The situation in Xanthi, Alexandroupolis and Athens in our difficult neighbor will be especially difficult, said the climatologist.

In Bulgaria, this cyclone will affect southern and central Bulgaria, and on Saturday and Sunday there will be a lot of precipitation in the eastern parts of the country, and then it will withdraw to the east across the Black Sea.

The good news is that “late autumn will break out on Tuesday” and “it will be warm by the end of the month”, Prof. Rachev predicts, noting that temperatures above 20 degrees will not be a surprise around October 22.

November can also “surprise us with good weather,” said the climatologist. The snow that fell in the mountains yesterday will melt, and a snow cover suitable for skiing can be expected around Christmas, but drivers should not delay the change of summer tires, commented Prof. Rachev.



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