Prof. Kozhuharova: Chronic diseases are an indicator to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Prof. Kozhukharov. STAFF: BTV

“People with chronic diseases get the virus very badly, they have deaths. To reassure our children, get vaccinated for them.

This was said on BTV by Prof. Mira Kozhuharova, who is her advisor to the Minister of Health.

Kozhuharova has no explanation for why people are not vaccinated.

“In Moscow, for example, there are now long queues for vaccination, but there is a very intense wave with many deaths,” Kozhuharova said.

According to her, the summer season brings additional reassurance. She added, however, that if we start mass vaccination again during a new wave of coronavirus, it carries risks.

She added that there is currently no discussion on whether the vaccine against COVID-19 should be mandatory for some professions.
“Until September, there is enough time for people to think,” Kozhuharova said of attitudes toward immunization.



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