Prof. Iva Hristova: There will be no need for a new closure if we are reasonable

Prof. Hristova Staff: New TV

“It always has an effect, even from a temporary closure. We saw that the number could not be reduced much, but it is around 4000. I am afraid that this will not be enough. In my opinion, this is a measure of forcible “introduction of sanity”. If we are reasonable, there will be no need for closure and the measures will be softer “, said Prof. Dr. Iva Hristova – Deputy Director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, before Nova tv.

According to her, as long as people continue to neglect the virus, there will be an increase in numbers and strict measures will be needed. She is of the opinion that it is very important for vaccination to happen as soon as possible.

“With each new wave, we see an increasing intensity. This is mainly due to mutations in the virus. He will not stop mutating. The current rise is due to the British strain circulating everywhere. This option and those following it show us that the virus is one step ahead of us. It depends on our quick reactions and joint efforts to catch up, overtake and block it “, Prof. Hristova thinks.

Regarding the Brazilian strain, the infectious disease specialist stressed that there are many cases of re-infection. According to her, if it starts circulating in Bulgaria, it will be necessary to resort to new vaccines and re-vaccination. Prof. Hristova is of the opinion that if our mentality remains the same, there will be a fourth wave of the virus.



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