Producer Jiří Jurtin died at the age of 46

Film producer Jiří Jurtin died at the age of 46. Among other things, he was responsible for the films Lída Baarová, Hranaři and Babovřesky. According to the website, he is left with huge debts. Among his creditors were, for example, the actors Jana Švanová (75) and Václav Vydra (66).

The website was the first to report the 46-year-old manufacturer’s death. According to this source, Jiří Jurtin committed suicide in his car in Kersk, where he had lived for the past few years. He is said to have overdosed on drugs. Information about the premature departure of the well-known manufacturer was confirmed by his wife.

According to the website Jurtin had health and financial problems. “She had huge debts and there was no way out. She also had incredibly severe diabetes and related huge health problems,” added the source of the tabloid’s website.

Jiří Jurtin owed millions

The news that Jurtin had decided to leave this world took many people by surprise. Despite his bankrupt company, the NOGUP agency, he owed large sums to various people in the cultural and cinematic background.

Among the creditors there were, for example Jana Švandova, Václav Vydra self Milan Steindler. In January 2020, Deník Blesk wrote that the producer, who also worked closely with singer Daniel Landa, owes around 160 million crowns. Since then, the amount could have continued to grow.

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