Problems at Telenet seem to have gone away: “Error at…

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On Tuesday, internet provider Telenet had to contend with disruption throughout the day. Users complained about a malfunctioning internet connection and applications not functioning. The problem should have been solved by now, but it could still take a few hours before all applications function properly again.

On Tuesday morning, Telenet received complaints about problems with many services of the telecom provider. For example, it was not possible to read e-mails within Telenet webmail, it was not possible to log in to the My Telenet app and there were also problems with the television apps. According to Telenet, using the internet, watching TV via the internet and making mobile calls would not have been impacted.

The problems were supposed to be solved by 4 p.m. “We have been able to fix the cause of the problem and the services are back up and running. For example, the TV has to work again and emails can be read again. However, some services may take a while to function properly again. This is the case, for example, for My Telenet. We do expect them to function again in the coming hours,” said spokesperson Isabelle Geeraerts.

She also clarifies that it was not an outside problem, but that it was planned work being carried out in the servers. “Something went wrong that caused a malfunction. That problem has now been resolved.”

Problems at Itsme also gone

Tuesday morning there were also problems with the Itsme identification app. But those too are now gone. This was reported by Sylvie Vandevelde, spokesperson for Belgian Mobile ID, the consortium of banks and mobile operators behind the app, just after 2 p.m.

The application had a technical problem, which caused some actions to go well and others not at all.

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