Problems at PosteMobile, the network does not work throughout Italy

The network of PosteMobile, the telephone operator of Poste Italiane, has some today problems throughout Italy. Already thousands of user reports.

In the last few hours, both the network managed by the operator and the website of the operator itself have not worked. The downdetector website shows the inconvenience map, where several users complain about a complete downtime of the service: both for calls and for data traffic.

Among the cities where the reports are more frequent there are Milano, Roma, Torino, Bologna, Naples, Genoa, Padova, Florence e Verona.

A Pesaro a disaster, writes one user. The service works in fits and starts and very badly, it does not make and receive calls, it does not connect to the network and every now and then the network disappears completely by entering only SOS calls from the Province of Milan still absolute zero, a user reports. I have to take online classes and work online. What do I do? . Reports continue to arrive from all over the country – from Forl to Fano, from Bari to Catania, from Genoa to the Milanese.

We apologize, we are working to restore the service as soon as possible, the company writes on its Twitter profile.

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September 28, 2020 (change September 28, 2020 | 15:39)


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  1. For 6 hours I thought it was my sim card,never to expect it to be the network,very unsatisfactory for being down 7 hours….

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